iPage- Scam Or Reality 
Can iPage make a difference to your business, be it small or big? What are the various myths associated with it? 
Hey, is anybody struggling out there to find a good webhosting service provider? Well, now your search ends because I am sure after you hear about my experience with ipage, you will be left with no choice but to opt for it. You must be thinking that I am crazy, but trust me, a year back my life was hell. I was in a financial mess, and as if that was not enough, my wife left me for someone else.

One Evening That Changed My Life

 I had tried various webhosting services. However with every provider I opted, I faced the same problem. They were not only expensive, but it also took me a long time to configure, design and customize my site. It was as if I had hit a road block. Then one evening, I met Sally and that one meeting with her changed my life. She convinced me to try ipage. She said that the company was in business for over a decade and is considered as one of the top web hosting organizations worldwide. It was not that I had not heard of it, but I had never tried it thinking that it would never fit my budget. After talking to her, I reluctantly decided to opt for it, thinking it was going to be another bad mistake. I was in for a surprise!

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Making my website attractive and innovative was an easy job now.  Some of the features I liked the best were unlimited hosting, easy installation, built-in ecommerce facilities, user friendly control panel and also bonus marketing credit. I realised that it was very easy to set it up and there were many tutorials and FAQ's to help me whenever I needed. The control panel is user friendly and provides quick access to all the tools that are available. Their interface is custom built and gives you all the freedom to play around with it.

Reliability is the key to success in my business. One common problem that I had with other providers was that my site would stop working all of a sudden. Any visitor who would come to my site would complain that it is down most of the times. After my switch, I was a happy man. Their server uptime is very stable. My site is up 99.9% of the times and now my website visitors never have any problems. They have also left great reviews about our service. I was under the impression that it's going to be expensive, but it wasn't. ipage cost me much less compared to all the other so called 'best providers' in the market. My package comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mail accounts along with all the additional features. I also got automated site backup which has helped me in securing my site.

If you ever face any issues all you have to do is to either pick up the phone or drop in a mail. And if that does not appeal to you, you can opt for live chat where the support executive will instantly help you. Their support team is as good as they claim, in the past one year they have never disappointed me. Their database of's has an exhaustive list of questions and to top it they keep updating it very often. You are also given 30 days money back guarantee. Anytime during the trial period if you feel that their service does not meet your requirements and you are disappointed you can ask for a complete refund. I am almost sure that you would never do that. I guess this also shows how confident they are of their service and capabilities.

I will be grateful to Sally and ipage all my life. That one decision has changed my life and has helped me find my way back to the mainstream. Go to their website today and subscribe for their services. Once you try their service, I am sure you will never ever look for any other web hosting service provider. They are best in business and they know how to keep their clients happy.